We don’t learn. From history, or much else it seems.

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Mr Smith! Nice! I'll see your point, and raise you one:

"Sergey Markov, former advisor to President Putin" said that Russia "crushed Napoleon... Hitler" and that "we will crush Washington". (BBC "The Real Story"). This in the context of their supposed "de-Nazifying" of Ukraine

Markov equates contemporary America, us, with Napoleon, who in 1799 ordered, "3000 captured defenders of Jaffa to be killed by bayonet or drowning to save ammunition". (Oxfordreference.com), and he equates us with Hitler.

The American Nazi newspaper (Stormy Donalds?) endorsed Trump for president in 2016.

The pro-Russia, American voters are led by Trump. Russia wants to "crush Washington".

The pro-Russia, pro-Trump Americans in Congress, like Mike Johnson - are they profoundly ignorant, or are they trying to hide sedition in plain sight?

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What frustrates me though, is that Trump’s base cannot be moved in spite of all the evidence that a second term will be disastrous to the U.S. I was interested to read that Lindbergh appropriately lost favor but as yet Trump loyalists remain glued to him.

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